Personal Injury

Schlichter & Shonack has a wealth of experience defending serious personal cases. However, in certain cases, S&S will consider prosecuting serious and substantial personal injury actions on behalf of injured people and families. Often, S&S can take such matters under a contingent fee arrangement where the injured person pays no legal fees unless and until S&S recovers money from the wrongdoer.

Our clients find that having a skilled defense team on their side as plaintiffs gives them a unique advantage over clients who choose lawyers who see only one side of the equation. As primarily defense lawyers, S&S attorneys can see and understand the strengths and weaknesses of every case, and can candidly and clearly advice their clients on how to proceed.

S&S has also worked on a variety of intentional tort cases representing both plaintiffs and defendants, in matters such as defamation and slander, fraud, conversion, trespassing, assault and battery, invasion of privacy, and intentional infliction of emotional stress.